Farming Operations – Stud Breeding

B3Genetics – Meat Masters Stud Breeders – Our Mark (BBB)

Many hours of research were undertaken to find a sheep type that would be suitable for our environment together with the challenges of creating something different and unique. After many visits to farmers, auctions (they say you must burn diesel- it’s the cheapest form in creating the best decisions) and hours of telephone calls to very well-informed sheep farmers the decision to engage in the Meat master breed was taken. The philosophy and goal were to purchase QUALITY animals at best possible price and build a solid foundation on genetic side and create strong strains, for this herd.

  • First purchase at Hope Town Auction consisting of 4 lamb ewes (Mr. Johann Murray) and 1 Stud Ram (Elands Nek- Jean du Plessis) was purchased.  This was the Stud Ram TERRY
  • Second purchase was from KERN Meat Masters consisting of 10 ewes, which included a variety of ewes from Ram like, Judge, Hercules, Pierneef, Lokomotief, Vetgat, Flywheel, (Pregnant from Rams like- Kamdebo- Boomerang) was purchased.
  • Third Purchase was from Willem van der Berg consisting 2 ewes (Pregnant from Saalrug and Remington Ram)
  • Fourth purchase was at the National Meat Master auction which included – Three Bar One Ewes from Boemie Saaiman- ) Pregnant from Rams Carribean, Cola Tonic .
  • National Auction included 2 Ewes which had lambs at foot from Stephan Kirsten – Pregnant from Roes
  • Purchase of new Stud Ram (Cowboy) from Willem van der Berg for our herd.
  • Purchased various specific ewes at Auctions of which ewes derived from Stephan Kirsten, Roe Wiid, Tommy Bissett, Riaan Liebenberg, Jean Du Plessis, Clinton Collette, Piet de Lange. We consider these breeder’s to b respected in the industry and confident that we can build our genetic line on such foundation stock.
  • Purchased the Ram ROCCO, AZUR, ZIPPO which was from Clinton Collette lines and Chico from Willem Boom Steenkamp. These Rams have had a huge impact on our herds. Term -2019-2020
  • We have purchased the Ram 50 Cents (Dual ownership) Diablo and Fat Bastard. These three Rams are the current Rams in use from 2020-2021
  • Currently Herd is 300 breeding ewes and lambs at foot around 150 lambs all at different stages from birth till weaning. Our weaning rate is currently @ 170 % and our goal will be to reach around 190-220%.
  • Our future planning is to run a strong commercial herd of around 300 ewes to be covered with our Rams which will produce lambs for the slaughter and commercial farmers.


Training:  Enriching yourself with knowledge is one greatest investment you will do to improve your herd, making the correct choices and creating your own legacy. 

  • Attended the Beginners Meat Master course in Upington in 2017, and achieved Pass
  • Attended the Junior Meat Master course in Klerksdorp in late 2017 and achieved Pass
  • Served on Management Team as Secretary in 2019 for Transveld Meatmaster Club.
  • Currently the Chairman of the Transveld Meatmaster Club 2020-2021
  • Attended the BULP course in Bloemfontein

Highlights of Business

B3genetics has been privileged to acquire Top Meatmasters and through genetic progress have managed to have some record Sales which include:

  • Young Ram Lamb sold at Parys Auction for R21 000
  • Progeny of Terry Rams accumulative is excess of R185 000
  • Progeny of Cowboy ewes accumulative on average price of R6000 per ewe.
  • Stud Rams after we have completed our objective and goals sold on the farm at R25000
  • Our current Ewe sales average at our auctions in attendance is around R6450 and our Rams are R9850.

Registering Authority

  • Registered with the Meat Master Society of South Africa
  • Registered with Stud Book South Africa as “B3genetics – with brand BBB”
  • Registered with Transveld Meatmaster Club.