Farming Operations – Consultation

Consultation Services with Farmers – Ruminants

Charles Freeme has a diverse experience in all fields of expertise and has been exposed to many industries which adds benefit to the service offering. Being in the corporate space, and at Senior Management and Directorship level exposure to Business operation and Management skill has been the for runner of work experience.

Our exposure to ruminants and especially small stock is a passion and integral part of our operational system,  We work closely with all parties, whether you a part time farmer, upcoming farmer or full time, we believe that we can add value in some way to your operation. One of our key drivers is to assist Upcoming farmers with as much knowledge both practical and theory to advance their farming activities .

Some of the service offerings that we have,

  • Management of the herd, identification and classification’
  • Feeding programs in conjunction with Nutritionist.
  • Dosing programs and herd vaccination programs
  • Scanning of animals with our third party
  • Financial business plan and business model structure
  • Record keeping of animals in matrix.
  • Practical Analysis of animals and evaluation of herd
  • Practical dosing and inoculation of animals.
  • Marketing Strategy and planning to market
  • Marketing plan for Auctions.
  • Auction assistance and target market selection
  • Digital marketing- funneling of specific clients.
  • Hard Copy Advertising
  • Promotion and Events

We believe in empowering our clients and passing knowledge over to individuals, so that the client can grow into his operation.  Farming is a Business and no longer just something you can do.  The saying goes “To know is to measure “therefore you need to calculate all the risks, pitfalls and challenges if one is to succeed. We want to partner with you to achieve that goal and objective. We have already successfully mentored upcoming farmers which are successful in their journeys.