Manual-of-Lambing-Techniques –

How did this book come about? It is based on a combined knowledge acquired over many years working with sheep, with each of us feeling the need for a detailed practical book covering the period approaching, during and immediately after lambing. One of us (ACW) grew up on a small family farm in the Yorkshire Dales, and from a very young age had a particular affinity for working with sheep. After qualifying as a vet, this interest developed further whilst dealing with day-to-day veterinary work on farms, and included running a small flock of pedigree Wensleydale sheep and their crosses, which experienced many of the problems described in this book! For the last ten years, teaching veterinary undergraduates about sheep, particularly trying to introduce them to the difficulties they will encounter in dealing with problems around lambing time, has shown the need for a detailed book to which they (and others) can refer.

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